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Update: Y3/4 Purple Closure

We have posted two letters from PHE under 'Newsletters' to all parents and to those from Y3/4 Purple. 


PHE have directed all children from Y3/4 Purple, and one support staff member to self-isolate for 14 days (from Monday 19th), meaning they can return to school with everyone else on Tuesday 3rd November. 


For those asking, Miss Sims has not been in direct contact with the infected person (and is therefore not required to self-isolate), although follows careful distancing when working in other classes. 


Work is posted online for today (which was already in place for a child who was already self-isolating). Miss Sims will be online at 10am, as per our education contingency plan. 


Other members of the households do not need to self-isolate unless children develop symptoms, but all information on this can be found in the letter. 


Many thanks, 

Miss Wilson and Mrs Bland

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