The Duke of Norfolk CofE Primary School

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Exhibition day for years 3 & 4 has changed - please see the school calendar
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The Duke of Norfolk CofE Primary School

Who's Who

School Leadership:


Headteacher Mrs E. Bland 

Deputy Headteacher

Miss K. Wilson 



Our teaching staff:




Forest Schools

Mr C. Ellison (Art and Forest Schools Lead)

EYFS - Sycamores

Mrs A. Clarke (EYFS lead)

EYFS - Chestnuts

Miss C. Sims (Reading/Phonics Lead)

Year 1/2

Mrs R. Rothwell (PE/sports/PHSE Lead)

Year 1/2

Miss L. Wall (Science Lead)

Year 1/2

Miss E. Harvey (Head of KS1 and Worship/Church Lead)

Year 3/4

Miss N. Redican (LKS2 Lead)

Year 3/4

Miss J. Reynolds (Writing Lead)/Miss M. Hampson (History Lead)

Year 3/4

Mrs H. Pitchford-Harrison (Computing Lead) &

Mrs K. Hadfield (SENCo and Pupil Premium Lead)

Year 5/6

Mr M. Williams (Supporting Music)

Year 5/6

Miss C. Daniels (Mathematics Lead)

Year 5/6

Mrs S. Maltby (UKS2/MFL Lead)




School Business Administration:

Business Manager

Mrs J. Ford 

Business Assistant

Mrs A. Cousen


Teaching and Learning Assistants:


Mrs L. Newton

Mrs C. Wilmott

Mrs K. Lamb



Miss K. Johnson

Mrs S. Morton

Mrs K. Nolan



Mrs W. Fleetwood

Miss L. Jones

Mr M. James



Mrs Y. Whitehead (R.E Lead/HLTA/Lead TA)

Mrs A. Morley

Mrs J. Minshull

Mrs S. Simm




Midday Supervisors:


Miss J. Astall


Miss L. Pickles


Mrs J. Watts


Mr S. Holmes


Mrs D. Barrow  

Mrs J. Wykes


Miss N. Brocklehurst  


Caretaking team:


Mr T. Daly


Mrs D. Barrow

Miss M. Nicholson


Miss N. Brocklehurst


Miss L. Pickles  

Clerk to Governors:

Ms H Kindleysides



Our Link Staff / Governors


Link Subject/Topic Staff Lead Link Governor (if applicable)
Anti-bullying Mrs Bland/Miss Wilson Jessica McFarlane
Eco School Miss Redican  
EYFS Mrs Clarke Cilla Hollman
Health & Safety Mrs Bland Roger Wilkinson
RE Mrs Whitehead Deborah Finney (foundation)
Literacy (Writing) Miss Reynolds Deborah Finney
Literacy (Reading) Miss Sims Jennifer Godwin
Numeracy Miss Daniels Jonathan Lingham
PREVENT Mrs Bland/Miss Wilson Jessica McFarlane
Pupil Premium Mrs Hadfield Michelle Massey
Safeguarding Mrs Bland/Miss Wilson Jessica McFarlane
SEND Mrs Hadfield/Ms Wall Michelle Massey


'From tiny acorns, great forests grow.'