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7th May 2021

Our new School Parliament met today to discuss our roles within the school and and to vote on our roles within the parliament.  We looked at the job descriptions of the Chairperson and the Secretary.  We then put ourselves forward and gave a short pitch as to why we felt we would be able to fill the role.  As a group, we then held a democratic vote on who we felt would meet the criteria and complete the role to the best of their abilities. The results of the vote saw Gracie-Jean elected as Chairperson and Bella as Secretary.  We also discussed why we wanted to be part of the school parliament.  Read on to find out why our school parliament members wanted to represent their classes and what changes they are hoping to bring to the school.

I wanted to be in Student Parliament as, I feel, I meet the school attributes.  I have great confidence and I am good at communication. I have a lot of resilience as I don't like giving up on things.  I try my hardest to think outside of the box.  I will bring joy and hope so everyone can enjoy School Parliament.  I want to change the school for the better.

I joined Student Parliament because I'm confident and always happy.  I'll always contribute and share ideas too.  I will make the school a better place by listening to what my class mates say and bringing their ideas to our meetings. I hope to raise lots of money for the school and charities.

I wanted to be in Student Parliament because I am a good role-model and people who might follow my ideas, could help the school to become the best school it could possibly be.  I would like to make many differences within out school such as more areas on the playground where children could make friends.

I wanted to be a part of the School Parliament because I wanted to make our school a better place, and make all of the students happy.  I also hope it will be possible to bring some nets for football so all children can enjoy playing different sports.

I would like to be in School Parliament because I think I could make people happier in our school and I have experience of being in it before where I did lots of events and they all went well.

My name is Arlo.  I am 9 years old and I am in year 3/4 purple.  I would like to be in the School Parliament because I want to implement everyone's ideas into the school's future.  My hopes are to make the school a better and happier place for the next generation.

While I'm in Student Parliament, I am hoping to bring lots of fairness so that everyone gets a say with their ideas and thoughts.  I want to make sure that in school everyone gets involved and that everyone feels welcome.

My name is Nancy.  I'm in year 3/4 purple and I am 8 years old.  I would like to be in the School Parliament because I would to help students with their confidence.  My hopes are that by the end of the school year the school will be full of confident people.

I want to be in School Parliament because I thought I would come up with some good ideas.  I hope I bring happiness to the school.  I want to help people enjoy their playtime a bit more.

I want to be in the School Parliament because I want children to stand up for what is right for them.  I want the school to be calmer and for the children to keep to the school rules.  I like Duke of Norfolk because they have great books and I love all the games that they give us to play with.

I am Alex.  I am in Year 3/4. I want to be in School Parliament so I can help the school.  I would like a trim trail for LKS2.

I think I will be a good member of School Parliament because I am kind and I like to help people.  I would like to make a place where people can read outside.

'From tiny acorns, great forests grow.'