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Curriculum Intent

Reading Curriculum Intent


  • Provide all children with the skills and strategies to read with confidence, fluency and understanding
  • Provide all children with phonological understanding to read words accurately
  • Inspire a love of books where children choose to read for pleasure
  • Encourage an interest in words and what they mean to enable children to develop an increasing oral and written vocabulary
  • Use a growing technical vocabulary with which to engage in ‘Book Talk’
  • Ensure all children read widely and experience a range of genres in fiction, non-fiction and poetry, and are able to discuss some of the ways in which narratives are constructed
  • Develop critical appreciation of what they read
  • Develop study skills so that the children can select appropriate fiction and non-fiction books from the library
  • Develop research skills using library and class texts, in conjunction with the computing system
  • Encourage care and ownership of books

Our ultimate aim is for our children to become confident and independent readers with high levels of enjoyment, understanding and comprehension. To promote enjoyment of reading, we aim to provide the children with a variety of stimuli, including:

  • Events during annual World Book Day
  • Visits to Glossop Library
  • Visits to the school library
  • Competitions in school and in conjunction with Glossop Library, such as the Summer Reading Challenge
  • Regular book club

Specifically, we intend for our pupils to develop the two dimensions of reading:

  • Word reading
  • Comprehension (both listening and reading)

Speedy word reading is underpinned by phonological knowledge and the understanding that letters on the page represent the sounds in spoken words. Good comprehension follows on from the development of word recognition and linguistic knowledge (particularly vocabulary and grammar).

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