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Year 6 maths

Can I find percentages of amounts?

As a maths starter today, we are going to play Countdown:
You can either choose 6 of the cards (the 4 at the top are either 25, 50, 75 or 100, and the cards on the bottom row are less than 10), or choose quickstart (it will choose the cards for you to play with). Press play and it will choose a total number. Try to make that total number using any of the 6 cards, but you can only use each card once (it doesn’t matter if you don’t use all the cards). You can add, subtract, times or divide. In the TV programme, the contestants are only give 30 seconds, but I won’t be that mean! Try and get an answer within 5 minutes, or set a timer and see how long it takes you. Keep trying different calculations. Don’t worry if you’re finding it tricky after you’ve given it a go for 5 minutes; there’s a solution shown. This will be the same starter each day this week: remember to be resilient; see if you can get the answer, and/or improve your time!


You will be practising finding percentages of amounts today. Remember, there are different ways to find percentages of amounts:

  1. Find a fraction equivalent e.g. 50% is the same as ½ so 50% of 200 is the same as ½ of 200
  2. Find easier percentages and use them to calculate the answer. E.g. to find 30% of something, find 10% (by dividing by 10) and then add it 3 times.

To find 30% of 200….
10% of 200 = 20
10%+10%+10% = 30% so 20+20+20 = 60

3. Divide the number by 100, then multiply by the percentage. E.g. To find 63% of 200. Divide 200 by 100 = 2. 2 x 63 = 126


You could use the percentage revision sheet and also watch Summer Term week 6 (week beginning 1st June) lesson – percentages of amounts as revision before tackling the questions. There’s also a supermovers video:

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