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Year 6 Maths

Good Morning,

Today you will be consolidating your learning from last week on volume of cuboids by finding missing lengths.             

To find missing lengths you need to use the formula L= V ÷ (WxH)

So if you know that the volume of a cuboid is 70cm³ and its width was 2cm and its height was 7cm.  You would do the following sum:

Length = V ÷ (WxH)

Length = 70 ÷ (7x2)

Length = 70 ÷ 14

Length = 5cm

Please answer the following questions being sure to set out your work as above.

  1. Volume = 72cm³      Width = 3cm          Height = 4cm
  2. Volume = 144cm³     Width = 8cm           Height = 6cm
  3. Volume = 180cm³     Width = 12cm          Height = 5cm
  4. Volume = 245cm³    Width = 7cm           Height = 5cm

The cuboids for the following three questions all have a volume of 120cm³each.  What are their lengths?

  1. Width = 3cm           Height = 10cm
  2. Width = 12cm          Height = 5cm
  3. Width = 40mm        Height = 60mm


Find the difference in volume between the following cuboids:

  1. Cuboid A = L40cm     W=30cm     H=30cm

Cuboid B = L350mm  W=300mm  H=350mm


    2. Cuboid C = L1m         W=0.4m      H=0.5m

        Cuboid D = L80cm    W=50cm     H=60cm



Read each puzzle then find the values for the missing measurements for each shape described.


  1. My height is 5m.  My volume is 165m³.  What is my length and width if they are prime numbers?
  2. My volume is 273mm³.  All my measurements are odd numbers.  What are they?
  3. One of my edges is 6cm.  My volume 216cm³.  My other two edges are equal in length.  What do they measure?
  4. My volume is 336cm³.  My measurements are three 1-digit consecutive numbers.  What are they?
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