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Year 5 Maths

Good Morning,

Today you will be consolidating your learning from last week on volume of cuboids.


  1. Using the formula V= LxWxH (V=LWH), please work out the volume of cuboids with the following measurements.


  1. L=6cm W=2cm H=3cm
  2. L=5cm W=4cm H=3cm
  3. L=6cm W=6cm H=1cm
  4. L=2cm W=10cm H=3cm
  5. L=10cm W=4cm H=3cm
  6. L=10cm W=7cm H=4cm
  7. L=10cm W=5cm H=5cm
  8. L=3cm W=4cm H=3cm
  9. L=6cm W=5cm H=8cm
  10. L=6cm W=6cm H=6cm
  11. L=8cm W=10cm H=3cm
  12. L=8cm W=8cm H=7cm
  13. L=3cm W=5cm H=12cm





  1. A normal 1-6 dot dice has edges of 2cm.  Work out how many will fit into a box with measurements L=20cm W=20cm H=10cm.


    2. A cube has edges of 4cm.  Draw a diagram (not to scale) of a cuboid that will hold 100 of these cubes.  Label the dimensions to show  its  length, width and height.



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