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A story can be broken down into 4 parts: the opening, problem, solution and ending.


Look at the below breakdown ‘Back to Earth with a Bump’:

Opening – We are introduced to Hal. Hal gets ready for bed before getting snuggled up. His bed takes off with a roar. Up into space he goes.

Problem – Hal gets a call with a mission…to find the sun as it has vanished from the sky.

Solution – He sees the moon, the stars and Mars before turning around and seeing the Earth travelling around the sun.

Ending – The mystery is solved. He has found the sun! Hal becomes tired and travels back home. He finally comes back to Earth with a bump.


Your task today is to plan your own space story based on ‘Back to Earth with a Bump’. Use the character you created yesterday. Instead of looking for the sun, your character is going to look for the planet that you created on Tuesday.


Use the attached story mountain template to plan you space adventure story or simply write what will happen in the opening, problem, solution and ending parts of your story. Use the word mat to help.

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