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Useful links Phonics play has announced free play for everyone using the following sign in details:

Username: march20    Password: home

We suggest regular use of these games which are really good to reinforce the children's phonics learning.  Nursery children could play the phase one sound games, and some may access some of the phase two activities; reception children should all be able to access phase two activities and some may be able to try some of the phase 3 sounds. has a variety of fun games, particularly good for reinforcing maths skills. Joe Wicks has announced a half hour daily PE session at 9am every day. Keep an eye on current episodes of Numberblocks on BBC iplayer, and also the numberblocks songs.  If you watch them together, they might inspire you with a good idea to do afterwards!


Please see the home page of our school website for information of our online reading scheme or follow

Here are ebooks available for your children to have a go at.  Follow the details given to load the books, then choose ‘Collins Big Cat’Try to pick ones similar to their school reading books to give them a good chance of reading most of it unaided.  Perhaps read one or two a week to make them last a while?

Our Nursery children should be able to access some of the pink books and possibly have a go at a few red.

Reception children could enjoy racing through the pink books first then the red books are likely to be most suitable, with very confident readers possibly having a go at some yellow ones.  Please try not to give them something too tricky or it can really affect their confidence. is a lovely active website to get your body moving. yoga / mindfulness stories to join in with, between 10 and 20 minutes long.

'From tiny acorns, great forests grow.'