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Our school Open Days for September 2022 starters are on 3rd, 4th, 5th November. Please check the school calendar for times - we look forward to seeing you!
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The Duke of Norfolk CofE Primary School


In year three and four the Science topics that we explore are,

Investigating how sound travels in the spring term

Science Day 27th January 2020

Year 3/4 loved learning all about light.  They investigated how shadows are formed using shadow puppets and they designed their own emojis using tracing paper, reflecting their designs on to a surface using a torch.  They also investigated refraction using straws in water.  They then created their own 'sunset in a glass' by adding milk to the water and shining a torch on the cloudy mixture from different angles.  They observed the change in colour and linked this to what occurs during a real sunset.  

Rocks and their properties - We investigated soil permeability to find out which would be best to build a pyramid on!

'From tiny acorns, great forests grow.'