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Reports to Governors

September 2019-March 2020 Subject Leaders Report to the Governing Body

Subject: GEOGRAPHY        Coordinator: N. REDICAN

In my subject GEOGRAPHY the things I have achieved are:

  • Ensuring my subject plays an important and relevant contribution in our new Dukes curriculum.
  • Checking long term and medium term plans to ensure that not only the National Curriculum objectives are covered well
  • Writing a detailed and progressive GEOGRAPHICAL skills ladder for each cohort of children in school
  • Writing a detailed and progressive GEOGRAPHICAL vocabulary ladder for each cohort of children in school for cycle 1
  • Re-wrote the schools GEOGRAPHY policy in line with our new curriculum
  • Moderated GEOGRAPHY work in KS1&KS2 Topic books on 15th January 2020 to look at consistency across cohorts and my findings were:


  • Punctuation/spelling marked in line with English expectations
  • Maps/charts/tables/descriptions on a UK scale
  • Comparisons between places-making links


  • Use of success criteria for longer written work
  • Maps- Egypt & World maps /poster/sketching/rivers vocabulary in non-chronological reports
  • Links to Science work on rocks (natural /man made wonders)


  • Evidence of compass work
  • Posters about climates & biomes/diary of Francis Drake’s journey/critical thinking questions

Next steps for all

  1. All classes use success criteria for their long piece of writing in Geography topics.
  2. Marking related to the geographical learning taking place.


  • Learning walk across the whole school with Richard Foulkes on 5th February 2020-see Richard’s report
  • Attended a Derbyshire Subject Leader course on 28th February 2020 to help prepare for a ‘Deep Dive’ and focus on evaluating the relevance and delivery of Geography in school


The impact of the above has been:

  • Better use of subject specific vocabulary in written work
  • Links across topics
  • Some use of geographical skills, maps used in both KS1&2


The things I haven’t managed to achieve this year and or the things I plan to do next year:

  • Monitor the new curriculum through book scrutiny/planning
  • Review curriculum following course to ensure that units are exciting and pertinent to the Dukes community
  • Interviews with children to monitor impact
  • Geography portfolio of work
  • Purchase good quality globes for EYFS
  • Purchase KS1 set of atlases
  • Plan a Geography Day for the whole school
  • Feed back to staff about Geography Leadership course in a staff meeting. This will mainly focus on teaching geographical skills with up to date, relevant and stimulating lesson materials
'From tiny acorns, great forests grow.'