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Message from the School Council



Welcome to the Duke of Norfolk Primary School Web page!


We’re the student council and we are responsible for: putting children’s ideas across to the adults, helping to fundraise for charities and helping to make our school a happy place to learn.


We think our school is a great place to be because:

  • We raise lots of money for different charities
  • We have great, supportive teachers
  • We are all kind, friendly and care about each other
  • We have a great outdoor area where we love to play and learn
  • We get to do lots of sports and enter competitions
  • We have a great working environment where we feel calm and focused
  • We all have a great attitude to learning
  • We care for our environment and are proud to be an eco-school.

We hope you like our website and enjoy looking at all of the different things we have been up to!

Thank you,

Duke of Norfolk School Council

'From tiny acorns, great forests grow.'