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We very much welcome information from you about your child.  It is important to know if they are worried or excited about something, so we can be aware and support them in school.  We enjoy hearing about their hobbies and families and often discuss their weekend news during 'family time.' If they have learnt new skills or done something new that they are particularly proud of, we'd love to hear about that too. We also ask you how you feel your child is progressing, and we use your knowledge of your child to support our assessment of their learning in school.


We love our learning journey platform, Seesaw, which allows us to regularly keep in contact with you. 


"We really appreciate these posts - thanks for taking the time to do this!" NHG

"I love this window into his day.  He never tells me a thing!" AH



Feel free to ask at any time if you would like to see your child's work. Finally, we are always available to speak with you to discuss any concerns or questions, before school briefly, or we can arrange to meet after school if you need a more private conversation.  During 'COVID' times, this may have to be a phone call rather than face to face.  A message on Seesaw is another way to get hold of us to pass on information or ask a quick question.

To access your child's seesaw account follow the correct link: 

Reception child 2020-21

Nursery child 2020-21  


Reception new starters 2021-22

Nursery new starters 2021-22


'From tiny acorns, great forests grow.'