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Important update posted at 6pm on Saturday 6th June under Parents' Information - Useful Information - Letters to Parents
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Fridays are now going to focus on your comprehension skills, so we are moving the poetry lesson to Tuesdays. We would like you to look at a different style of poetry from the list below. You could use the internet or raid your bookshelves to find examples of each type.

Your task is to write up and present your favourite poem, of that type, beautifully. You are then to use that poem as a model to write your own.

· Haiku

· Free verse

· Rhymed poetry

· Blank verse

· Sonnet

· Limerick

· Ballad

· Soliloquy

· Tanka

· Couplet

· Acrostic

· Shape

· Villanelle

· Epigram

· Ode


The website has links to lots of fantastic poetry websites.


Please be sure to read for 20 minutes, and try and log on to hear Miss Maltby read the class story, each day, at 3pm on our Y5/6 Facebook group.


'From tiny acorns, great forests grow.'