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Good morning!

In chapter 7, we find out the real reason behind Stanley’s family curse. We are also introduced to many characters from the past. Today we would like you to use your knowledge of possessive apostrophes to write sentences about all of these characters. Where possible we would also like you to use plural possessive apostrophes. E.G Men’s, Sailors’, Ancestors’ etc.

Try and use evidence from the text to come up with nouns that belong to the characters, that you can write about.

Please use a range of sentence structures and don’t forget to uplevel your sentences using a range of grammatical features. For example: Fronted adverbial phrases, conjunctions, expanded noun phrases etc. Try and complete between 6 and 10 sentences. You can write more than one sentence about a character.


Please be sure to read for 20minutes.

'From tiny acorns, great forests grow.'