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Can I understand and use the simple present and past tense?


Today, you will be reminding yourself about the different tenses you can write in: past, present and future. You will be focusing on the simple present and simple past tenses. Read the information below to understand what the simple tense is. 


Simple present tense shows an action happening right now and uses the infinitive (simplest) verb form.  

I play.

You play.
We play.
They play.
He/she/it plays (add an -s to regular verbs when in the third person).


Simple past tense shows an action that has already happened and has been completed. Regular past tense verbs add -ed to the infinitive verb in the past. 

I played. 

You played.

We played. 

They played. 

He/she/it played. 


  • Some verbs are irregular and don't follow these rules. E.g. I catch. She catches (simple present). I caught (simple past). 



Read your reading book for 10 minutes. Find 10 different verbs used within the book. Write 2 sentences using each verb: one in simple present and one in simple past. 


For example:

Verb = jump 

Simple present = Suddenly, Bobby jumps over the fence. 

Simple past = Suddenly, Bobby jumped over the fence. 



Think of 5 irregular verbs which don't follow the simple tense rules. Can you write sentences using these?






'From tiny acorns, great forests grow.'