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Design and Technology



Design and Technology is about the process of designing, making and evaluating products.

To succeed in this subject, the children need to be taught different technological skills, including using a range of tools.  They also need to apply knowledge they have acquired about a context so their design addresses the needs of a particular problem.

Design and technology lends itself nicely to the children applying skills and knowledge they have learnt in other subjects, for example reading measures when weighing ingredients for cooking.

At The Dukes through design and technology we aim -

  • to give the children opportunities to develop creative problem solving skills
  • to develop their motor skills and improve their use of tools
  • to respect craftsmanship
  • to have insight into the technological world

Design and technology is usually taught through cross curricular topic work, for example making a cam toy as part of the topic The Victorians.

'From tiny acorns, great forests grow.'