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Wishing all our fantastic Dukes family a lovely summer! We will welcome you all back on Thursday 5th September.
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What would Jesus do?

In RE we have been looking at some of Jesus's teachings. In particular, we have discussed; 'The sermon on the mount' and 'The healing of the centurion's servant'.  We have looked at relating these teachings to activities undertaken by Christian groups and by the church to bring these teachings to life in their churches and communities. We have talked about the fact that although these texts are fixed in the Gospels, Christians from different cultures and different time can and have interpreted them differently.

We role-played different scenarios of how different Christians, in today's society, may interpret the teachings of Jesus through the story of 'The healing of the centurion's servant'.
We also wrote our own prayers linking the ideas of what Jesus would do to make a better world.  We made sure to include the four common components of prayer - praising, confession, asking and thanksgiving.  Enjoy reading our prayers and see if you can spot the four components within each one.
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'From tiny acorns, great forests grow.'